Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Calidad Entertainment & The Takeover proudly present ..

====> DJ NICK NACK <====

There is not much introduction for this very talented dj.

...quick bio for those who don't know...
Nick “Nick Nack” Malkiewicz is a practicing proponent of true-school hip-hop. Combining the sensibilities of a DJ with that of a cultural visionary, he has been quite productive in his home state of Texas as both a creator of original music and a provider of opportunities for fellow artists. His masterwork to date, 2001’s Re: Construction, features a wide array of Lone Star MCs and turntablists. Beginning his career as a battle DJ, Nick Nack first made a name for himself in 1995 by placing second in a Soundwars competition held in Dallas. As a student at the University of Texas, he hosted a radio program on Austin’s KVRX and spearheaded a collaboration between Prince Poetry of Organized Konfusion and an MC named QB that culminated in a single titled “Long Distance” on Five Finger Records. He also began producing, and started up his own record label. Between 1999 and 2000, he recorded a beats tape (In the Nick of Time) and a Soundscape single, both released on his own Crowd Control label. Teaming up with Austin freestyle champion Bavu Blakes to comprise Soundscape, the duo scored an underground hit with “Listeners.” His 2001 full-length, Re: Construction featured appearances from the likes of Environment, Head Krack, Tray God, Disgruntled Seeds, Lyrik, Enfoe, and Poetree, as well as Bavu Blakes and K-Otix. Nick Nack continued his search for challenges by joining a jazz ensemble called Blaze.

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